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This candle has a very lovely and cosy scent. It is strongly scented and hand made using only soy wax. This is an extremely romantic candle and gives the feeling of being in a cosy library, snuggling by the fire place reading Jane Eyre.


It comes in a 180ml amber glass jar that can be reused as a piece of home decor. 


Biblioteca is inspired by Livraria Lello, a book shop in the heart of Porto, Portugal. Beautiful wooden stair case, stained glass windows. Shelves and shelves of books. Promise of an adventure, smell of a new book opened for the first time. Patchouli, velvet wood, pomegranate and wood smoked leather - promising, warm and romantic.


Top Note - Pomegranate

The Heart - Patchouli 

Base Note - Wood Smoked Leather


Burning time with proper use can last for up to an impressive 40 hours.


Pure soy wax only. 

Vegan fragrance oils.

One Cotton wick.

Price: £25.00

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