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This candle has a very fresh and green scent. It is very strongly scented and hand made using only soy wax. This is a very romantic candle and it will give a feeling of being in a botanical garden. 


It comes in an amber glass jar that can be reused as a piece of home decor after you finish burning it.


Bjørn is inspired by a road trip through Norway. 

The window of the camper van is wide open. The wind is a perfect mix of scents. 

Sea salt, freshly cut grass, gentle wood smoke and seaweed. It's refreshing, exciting and adventurous.



Top Note - Freshly Cut Grass.

The Heart - Seaweed, Juniper Berry and Woodsmoke.

Base Note - Leather and Rock Salt.


Burning time with proper use can last for up to whopping 40h. 


Pure soy wax only. 

Vegan fragrance oils.

Three Cotton wicks.




All our candles are completely vegan and cruelty-free.


Hand-poured in our studio in Clapham, London.

Price: £25.00

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